DMC Report

I have not been on the DMC stage for more than 5 years so to be in a UK Final with barely any practice was unexpected. DMC Finals consists of a lot of waiting around backstage with other nervous DJS chewing whats left of their nails before they go and smash out a 6 minute routine. The competition and format has moved on a lot since I last entered. Mostly due to the use of custom dubplates. This is where DJs press up their routines on to two or more records. The benefits are smoother transitions and the ability to have pretty much any sample you can get you hands on. To be fair sets done in this way are extremely musical, juggles flow nicely into the next. Over all the end result is better. But I do miss seeing a DJ like Noize, getting through a stack of records and really working a set. Sonically its hard to compete against DJs on dubs, but enough excuses.

If I enter next year I will probably have conformed to the trend and have a set of my own pristine battle records. Again props to Jeppa who fucking smashed it so tight his last snare drum was right on the 6 minute mark. Thanks to Sally and all the DMC crew nice to see you chaps again. Right can anyone email me a good vinyl press contact?

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