Nate Dogg RIP

I woke up today today to numerous text messages from friends informing me of Nate Dogg's death. Like many teenagers in the 90's I grew up listening to endless Gangster rap, Nate Dogg was a key component in the G Funk sound. He contributed to some of hip hops greatest' songs including Warrren G's regulate, Dr Dre's Next Episode, Snoops Doggystyle album. Nate's list of guest appearance is huge. At one point he was the go to man in hip hop for choruses and hooks. I will never forget the moment during the up in Smoke Tour when he walks out on stage for his Next Episode verse. It was simply epic. He will be remembered for his unique soulful singing style and guest appearances on some hip hops greatest moments.

So to celebrate some of his best moments I am reposting my best of Nate Dog Mix , The Doggs Bollocks. Pour out a little liquor, light a blunt, throw up a W and reminisce.

The Doggs Bollocks Master 1 by DJ Killer Tomato

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