The Hideout

Back in 2004 the Brothers Grimm aka Kaptin, Dregz and Ruffstylz opened a short lived hip hop shop deep in the back lanes of Roath , Cardiff. The Hideout was a place for graff writers to paint, DJ's and Emcees to battle and breakers to Jam.

These two video's showcase one of the best battles hosted at the hideout. Featuring Gritty, Mudmowth, Ralph Rip Shit, Mayor, Kaptin, Ruffstylz, Sasquatch, guest rappers Dre infinate, Ghost and many more. It just goes to show how strong the scene was back then and how far we have all come. As Kaptin said we all look very young here!

I have fond memories of the hip hop scene at this time, djs had real skills, something that seems to be missing in this digital age.

Anyway enjoy.

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