Ice Cube

Lets be honest live hip hop can be really shit. Usually rappers are lazy with their performances, they spit endless freestyles that no one really cares about and the whole thing sounds nothing like the banging album track you have grown to love. There are exceptions to this rule (KRS ONE included) and Ice Cubes show really ticked all the boxes and I came away feeling like a teenager again.

One thing that puzzled me is why is Ice Cube touring? He must be pretty well off as he is a bonified Hollywood star (Boyz in the Hood, Anaconda, Friday, Three Kings etc) so is in no real need for cash. He has not released an album of late to the best of my knowledge so the only conclusion I can come to is that he is touring for the love of being on stage.

I was told specifically not to play any NWA or Ice Cube by his manager pretty obvious I would of thought, but then I have heard stories of a Rusko support DJ playing 3 of his songs just before he went on! When I mentioned Cypress Hill (Cube had a long standing beef with his fellow West Coast rappers resulting in the dis track King of the hill) I heard a 'Fuck Cypress Hill' shout from the merch stand.

So to the show. As I mentioned before it was well put together, Cube entered the stage to theme from Shaft bringing with him DJ Crazy Tunes, Cube senior and his son. Most importantly Westside Connection member WC. Together Cube and Dub smashed through an array of hits each with its own intro and crowd response part. We heard Straight outta Compton, Bow Down, A good day, How we Do, Put your Back in to it, Hoo bangin and many more.

A great gig and life time dream to throw up a gang sign with Amerrikkkas Most Wanted!

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