Serato master class 24th Nov, Catapult Cardiff

Thats right, I have teamed up with the big dogs at Serato HQ to host an evening of Serato science at Catapults new store in Cardiff! With special guest Cheeba gracing the decks (Solid Steel) this is a must for all wanna be Serato converts and beginners. Between my self and Cheeba we will covering all the basic functionality of Serato and answering your questions. There will be live demos from my self and Cheeba, plus a hands on session.

The Serato class will look at the key features of the software and why people use it as a DJ tool. We will demonstrate the basic set up out of the box, the playback functions of the software with vinyl and CDJs and how it works. This class offers a concise look at some of the features including file organisation and trouble shooting that make Serato so easy to use. For any potential Serato convert this is for you.

Catapult will be holding a one day promotional sale on Serato to coincide with the class providing you with a one off chance to purchase at a discount. There will also be a question and answer session, giveaways and our popular raffle.

The masterclass is free and will take place out of normal shopping hours. Space is limited and attendance on the evening will be limited to those who RSVP in advance. If you would like to attend please contact and reserve a place.


Peel back your ears, stick matchsticks in your eyes, set your jaw to ‘drop’… Bristol’s Detective of Perspective, DJ Cheeba is plugged in and here to turn the tables. Known for twisting sight and sound into dancefloor devastation, Cheeba has the unrivaled technical ability, knowledge and humour to pull it all together like no one else. He’s on a one-man mission to cut, paste and manipulate anything and everything you’ve ever seen, heard or imagined. Prepare for mind melt… Cheeba is certainly not your standard disc jockey.

In 2008 Cheeba won the coveted ‘Solid Steel Mix of The Year’ with his, highly regarded, genre twisting mixtape ‘The Case of The missing Records’ and has since been invited to officially join the Solid Steel family alongside Ninja Tune legends such as Coldcut and DJ Food. Using this platform, Cheeba has quickly gained fans world wide and has been everywhere and anywhere doing his thing often out shining his peers and heroes with intricate sets of undeniable creativity. You can certainly expect the unexpected, Cheeba digs deeper than most and will take you on a trip of long forgotten beats, breaks and videotapes

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