The Hardcopy mixtape vol 1

Finally got my hands on the Hard copy mixtape that your truly contributed to. Expertly mixed by DJ Jaffa its a banger.

Here it is, the THC mixtape #1 so you know its on some rudeboy business featuring some of the most article 'Wurd-er-ation', 'Sample-ology' and 'Itch-eration' available within a CF postcode catchment area! Special thanks go to Oort Kuiper for the impetus and making sure this mixtape happened, Refah for the enthusiasm, Killer Tom for the banger, DJ Jaffa for the '1 Take' finesse, Risk for the porta-stu(dio) and all the 'Tar Black Windmills' spitters who flobbed 8 bars-worth of Graff laced raps, and finally to all the artists who contributed a filthy joint or two - big up yashelf!

Tar Black Windmills - Louis Vines, Ferny Mac, Ruffstylz, Oort Kuiper, Junior Disprol & Dirty Wordsmith. Beat by Dj Killer Tomato.
Tha Saga Continues - Stretch
Fire & Brimstone - Demons
4Dee Solo - 4Dee
Big Little City - Junior Disprol ft. Joe Blow, Retch & Blaktrix
Quiet Poison Kid - Skamma & Cesto
A Hint of Tha Ragga Boom Bap - Ferny Mac
Lex Umbra - Lex Umbra
The Highball - Beatbox Fozzy, Sonnyjim, Mudmowth, Mark Taharka, Waithe, Ralph Rip Shit, Kosyne, Ruffstylz, P.L.O, Metabeats, Redbeard & Willo Wispa
Rotter - Hekla Kosh, Mudmowth, Ralph Rip Shit & The 83 King
Hip Hop (The Love of My Life) - Afro Cluster
Taxi (Broken Britain) - Oort Kuiper
Search of The Golden Ninja - Ral Duke
2011 - Karnage
A Waster's Tale - Jamey P
Rappers Paranoia - Skunkadelic
Shelfshok - Undecorated Veteranz
No Mistakes Allowed - Connections (Yung Sage,Oort Kuiper, Planit Marz) ft. Brigzy
Had To Go - Dirtywordsmith & Dickdastardly
Knock Me Down - Flow of Thought
Trends - Barber
Cheap Champagne - Louis Vines
Don't Go There Final - Paul Rollo
Off The Top - Fozzy Fresh

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