Red Bull Thre3style Dj Finals

Just got back from the Thre3style Dj Finals at Koko London. First off I just want to mention how great the support from Cardiff was. About 30 strong crew rolled up to Koko from South Wales and represented hard. I travelled up with Astrosnooze, Kaptin and Party Stu. Redbull had kindly provided first class travel and a hotel.

Competitions are always a battle of nerves. Having competed in DMC many times I was used to the pre stage nerves, but had to remind my self not to get too excited. I find keeping a cool head and strong focus helps going into competitive situations. I always try not to pay too much attention to the competition just focus on the set.

I was drawn 6th out of the 8 DJs competing, after Astrosnooze, which was nice as we where on stage together, plus the Cardiff crowd where hyped and ready. I was really pleased with my set, I pulled off all the technical aspects, the mixes was tight and the crowd responded to the introduction and ending well. I really thought the title was in the bag, but got beaten by Santero.

Overall it was a fun night I was please with my performance and more than happy with the crowd response. It was great to meet Kissy Sell Out and A Trak, as well as Sinden and TY.

I will post a video of the set in the next few days.

In the mean time here are a selection of photos from the night.

Ramshackle and Astrosnooze rock 1st class.


Chillin' back stage.


1st prize.

A - Trak, beads and myself.

The set.

My brother repping hard.

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