Catapult records production master class

Over the last few months Catapult Records have hosted Dj and production master classes covering Ableton, Novation, and many other software packages. This month Neil Trix from Focusrite gave an in depth Ableton lesson. The session was very in formative and was a great chance to ask questions and share ideas with fellow Dj's and producers. Catapult had also put on a nice little sale on DJ equipment. I picked up a pair of Krk Rockit 5's for the studio at a competitive price. These master classes happen every couple of months and are well worth attending whatever level you are.

I have only been using Ableton for a couple of months and the information given away for free at these sessions has hugely helped.

Some great prizes where won in the raffle including, Ableton, a Novation launch Pad, plus T shirts, hoodies and record bags.

Here are some snaps form the event.

With some of the tips from the session I put this rough mix together on Ableton.

Limit 3 by DJ Killer Tomato

For details on the next master class go to

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